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About Reaching Equilibrium

Reaching Equilibrium is a wellness program that provides education and organizational to promote daily well-being.

Reaching Equilibrium was made with autonomy in mind.  We understand that life is not one size fits all and that "gold standard" strategies may not be golden for you.  We work hard to provide diverse education and various organizational strategies so that you can find a wellness routine that works for you to keep your mood up and stress down.

Reaching Equilibrium strives to provide content that is accessible.  We are constantly updating our knowledge and practice to make our content as accessible as possible.  We always welcome feedback and suggestions to make our work more inclusive.

What We Are

An information network to educate you on current resources that exist in the mental health and wellness space.

A company that allows you to learn more about topics surrounding mental health and wellness.

An opportunity for you to explore that there is more than just the "gold standards" as you maintain positive emotional health.


What We Are NOT

We are not a substitute for your doctor, therapist, psychiatrist, or formal therapy.  (ALWAYS ask their opinion before trying something out.)

We are not a way to diagnose you.

We are not a way to treat a mental health diagnosis such as major depression disorder, bipolar, PTSD, OCD, BPD, etc.  We educate on ways to maintain positive daily wellbeing and stress management.


Hi, I am Hayley

Founder | Social Worker | Mental Health Writer


I am deeply passionate about mental health and wellness, and I firmly believe that individuals, when equipped with the right tools, can then decide which one(s) work best for them.


 As a social worker, I am knowledgeable, trained, and certified in mental health and wellness strategies.

Yet, what you won’t find on my LinkedIn page are the years of stress I personally faced that led me to creating the concept of this program.   While my education, training, and career has taught my the scientifically backed up strategies to help with stress, my personal life has also taught me that life isn’t one size fits all.

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