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Maintaining positive mental health and emotional wellness on a daily basis can be difficult.

Reaching Equilibrium gives you the knowledge you need to live a happier, less stressed life.


Mental Health and Wellness Education and Organization

You can create your own emotional wellness toolbox


Daily maintenance of emotional health can be hard.


Challenges include:

     Keeping stress levels low

     Knowing the diverse strategies and resources that         exist

     Wishing to maintain daily emotional health in the         absence of a mental health disorder

Imagine being in control of your daily well-being

With our approach, you will receive:


Learn about various strategies and resources in the mental health and emotional wellness space.

   Organizational Skills

Make a plan and track your progress.


Feel great knowing that you are taking charge.

With five years of combined field and post-graduate experience in the mental health space, I am ready to inform you. I will not be your therapist, but I will educate you on tools and resources in the field.

Here is what one client of Reaching Equilibrium has to say:


I ALREADY feel less stressed and am starting to implement some of these strategies that are going to save me so much time.


These resources will literally change your life and take so much stress off your plate.


Do not sit on grabbing these resources - EVERYONE needs this!”

- Hayley Luckadoo, Founder of Females on Fire

Why Reaching Equilibrium?


Three Easy Steps:

  Learn about different    resources

Become familiar with what resources are available and what you may want to try.


         Make a plan

Get organized with a customized wellness plan.


  Take control of your      well-being.

Feel confident and happy in your day-to-day.


At Reaching Equilibrium, I know you want to be confident and calm. You do not want to worry about stress, low motivation, or negative thought patterns getting in the way. You want tools and strategies for positive mental health and emotional wellness. The problem is that the same wellness strategies keep coming up, which makes you feel defeated if you are looking for something else. I believe that life is not "one size fits all" and that you should be able to find what strategies work best for you. I recognize that no two people are alike and that what works for one person may not work for another. That is why I created Reaching Equilibrium: a one-stop shop for your daily mental health and wellness maintenance.

Here's how it works: First, you will learn about different mental health and emotional wellness resources. Then, you will create a custom wellness plan fit for your needs. Lastly, you will feel confident and happy knowing you are taking control of your emotional well-being. So sign up today to stop feeling stressed and unsure about managing your daily emotional needs and start feeling calm, collected, and in control!

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